Local Garage or Main Dealership?

In a recent survey conducted by the Company, 70% of UK motorists indicated they prefer to visit an independent garage for their maintenance needs instead of a dealership.

The survey showed that participants who use the service prefer indie businesses over big corporations because of factors including cost, service, and staff.

We’re here to remind you that independent car garages are the best option when your car is having problems. Let us tell you why:


Independent garage prices are generally lower than those of dealership garages, meaning that it is possible to haggle on pricing to get a better deal. This is because independent mechanics are less likely to charge excessive prices.

Helping local car garage’s

When it comes to car maintenance, a lot of motorists like giving business to smaller shops rather than large corporations.

For instance, somebody may not want to take their car into the big repairs, but instead, want minor repairs handled at a smaller company because they believe that these types of things are more personal and the quality control is higher.

One to one service

If you want your car to be looked after with a personal and individualised level of attention, an independent garage might suit you better than a main dealership. Even though they have fewer resources and more local customers, you are likely to be offered tailored maintenance packages.

Relatable staff

We make a point of being as helpful as possible to all of our customers and clients, regardless of an individual’s background. We really care about our service quality and the feeling people have when they receive it.

No hidden costs

One of the common issues with the larger dealerships is they often fail to tell motorists about things that are not needed, causing them to spend more money. Mechanics at independent garages are trained to be honest and upsell only when necessary.

Personalised service

As an independent mechanic, you can better understand your car’s needs. You’re also more likely to get a sense of how knowledgeable the person building your car is.

A dealership is designed for mass production, which often means that they can’t provide as high-quality of service. A lot of customers decide on garages that are close by in order to get that personal touch. This allows them to feel like they are reliably receiving service that can be trusted.

Convenient and time-saving

You may need to drive further to find the main car dealer. If you need your car repaired fast, ask your friends if they know of any reputable smaller garages in your area that can help.

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